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2nd Blog entry:

In 2009 we barely saw our dad, this was after he and mum got divorced. The reason for this was because he was away with the army, training to go to Afghanistan for 6 months. Me, Luke, mum and my grandparents were all against it but because he went, Luke got worse again. Whenever dad called he refused to talk to him and I will admit I hated him for that. Dad missed our 10th birthday and Christmas. He left to go to Afghan in September, he came back for 2 weeks in January and he returned for good in April 2010. He missed everything. I had to move schools because the bullying was so bad and Dad could never see the reason for needing to move, it annoyed me so much.

He is still the same now. If feel like no one understands my reasons for doing things and looking at it honestly, to say that my Dad doesn’t understand when he is one of the most important people when helping me deal with things, makes me upset and even more sad than I already am. It really just proves my point.


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