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3rd Blog entry:

I remember at the end of September 2010, my mums parents Grannie and Grandpa went on holiday to San Francisco. They were away for my 11th birthday and Grandpa’s birthday too. They were due to arrive home on the 12th October.

I remember mum getting a phone call and I thought nothing of it because it sounded like she was laughing but when I went through to the kitchen she was actually crying. Mum then asked me to go and get Luke so I did but nothing could prepare me for the news. “Grandpa’s died” she said and it felt like the whole world had come crashing down around me. I ran out of the room crying because he was so important to me and not being able to see him again. The one thing I was looking forward to when they returned was a hug from Grandpa.

The next few weeks were very hard and one thing that helped was having mum and grannie by my side or I wouldn’t have been as okay as I was. We were there for each other because we needed it and it brought us closer together and if that hadn’t happened then life nowadays would be very different.

                         “Everything happens for

                                   a reason, even if you

                                             don’t know it yet” –

                                                  - Unknown


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