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4th Blog entry: Bullying

Throughout most of my school life I have been bullied and it is a hard thing to go through. You never want to admit that you’re being bullied for fear of being called a Snitch but you have to, because if no one knows then they can’t help.

I am bullied for all sorts of reasons:

  1. my weight
  2. my brother
  3. and sometimes for no real reason at all. I suppose you could say I am very insecure.

I let people affect me because I find it hard to ignore it, it sounds like a stupid thing to say but without my friends I probably wouldn’t have enough confidence to do this blog. I have never been very confident and I am too sensitive as I take things to heart when I know they aren’t true but I am really vulnerable. There was a horrible incident at school and I felt so alone, everyone kept blaming it on me even though I did nothing to the student who had to go to hospital and it really annoys me how others automatically listen to the popular students. I feel as though no one believes me and I honestly wish I wasn’t here 9/10 times


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