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6th Blog entry:

On April 27, 2012 we had a major incident. It all started because we got my dad a present for his birthday and I wrote ‘Love from Sophie x’ but when we told my brother he got angry.

He started throwing things at my Gran. Eventually, he picked up the Wii Fit board and hit her with it. It left her with a horrific bruise for quite a while.

I was upstairs in my bedroom at the time but heard the commotion and ventured downstairs to see what all the fuss was about.

Upon arriving downstairs, my twin was clearly in a foul mood and I received an elbow to the stomach area as he barged past me.

Gran quickly tried to get the upper hand of the situation and gave me her phone. She told me to phone the police but he managed to get the phone and threw it at the wall causing the battery to come out.

I managed to get the phone and put it back together and quickly ran upstairs, shutting myself in my room.

I was too scared to talk to the police myself so I keyed in the number and Gran spoke to them.

My mum had been at the doctors and she had been phoned so she was aware of what had happened but wasn’t particularly aware of how bad it had been until she arrived home.

It was probably one of the worst things anyone could possibly arrive to.

The police arrived and talked to my brother but the issue was that by the time they arrived, he had calmed down so they didn’t see what was wrong.

My twin hadn’t been diagnosed at this point but I can definitely say that this was the worst incident we have ever dealt with.


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