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Hi, I'm Sophie and I suffer from sibling to sibling abuse. If anyone wants to ask me anything or to just talk, you are welcome too. I will post my email address at the bottom of this message so you can sent me an email so you all still have your privacy.

I am 14 years old and I get hurt by my twin brother when he gets angry and lashes out. I am writing this because I am aware that there is very little out there available for people like us and I would like to be able to help whoever I can. I am willing to lend an ear.

I promise that everything you tell me is confidential and no one will find out about it, unless someone is in danger.

If you just want a chat about anything really I will listen. I am very experienced with bullying because that happens to me a lot. I will also have a blog here too. I will be writing about my life and what has happened through difficult situations we have been through at home to see if my approach towards it differs from yours and if you could give me advice, if you feel I have handled things incorrectly and wish me to do it differently if the situation arises again.

If in any of the emails you address the same thing I will post it as a whole topic here on the main page for 'Sophie's Space' if you are happy for me to do so. I will ask you for your permission before I put anything on the website, and I will not identify anyone by their real name

Email Address: [email protected]